The Ventura Group Inc.

Since 1995, Ventura has provided a broad range of information technology and cybersecurity services that span the CPM Call Areas Statement of Work to a range of federal agencies including component and agencies of the Departments of State, Defense, HHS, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs. Ventura's services cover the broad range from service desk and deskside support to the development of enterprise communications and security architectures, cloud migration, and big data analytics.


eMentum has deep expertise in Identity Management, cybersecurity, and the management of complex enterprise shared services programs and provides these services to the Departments of Justice, Commerce, Homeland Security, and Treasury. At DOJ, eMentum's primary focus over the past few years has been assisting with the execution of strategic programs to include improving service delivery across the DOJ components via the ITIL Business Relationship Management (BRM) initiative, implementing Identity Management systems (IDMS) for the DOJ Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys (EOUSA), assisting with the planning and management of the DOJ Email and Collaboration Services (ECS) Program, supporting the enterprise DOJ Connect infrastructure for user authentication, and supporting the Automated Litigation Support (ALS) Services program and the identification and deployment of innovative solutions for use by all litigation components.